Wholesale parameters are as follows: Initial order minimum 24 pieces, minimum 4 pieces per color (any combination of tops and bottoms). For reorders placed within 30 days of original order: min. 12 pieces, 3 pieces per color. Within 90 days: 18 pieces. After 90 days, 24 pieces. For established clients, personals and special orders placed apart from a wholesale order are invoiced at retail minus 20% within 90 days of a wholesale order. Payment by Visa or Mastercard. Accounts are set up by filling out the information on our secure Checkout Form; you can then send your order to us either as an email or email attachment in Word Format. Or call us at: 323-463-4009. A deposit of 50% of your order total is processed when we start work on your order; the balance when it ships.
Email us at: , and we will email you a Wholesale Price List, which you can print out. With that in hand, we suggest you visit the SHOP BY STYLE and BIKRAM LINE SHEET pages, where everything you need to know about each category is on ONE page. It's a good idea to pick your colors first, and email us a list of the ones you're interested in. Only the fabrics listed below on this page are available for wholesale orders. To see how different styles look in these colors, you can visit the Shop By Color page. We carry over all the solid colors from season to season; the prints are not always available over long periods of time. If a print is in short supply, we can then advise you to stick with the styles in that print that are actually pictured on the site. With the fabrics that we have stock in, you can order whatever style you want. Certain fabrics dictate which style will work. We'll be happy to advise you on these issues.
If you are ordering for a Bikram yoga boutique, you should take a look at the styles in the YOGA WEAR section of our site, where you'll find the styles that offer more coverage than the standard bikinis. We offer over 70 styles of tops and bottoms in dozens of colors. Click the link at the bottom of this page for the Bikram Yoga Page to see an edited selection of the best-selling styles. To see all the styles in our entire collection, click on the SHOP BY STYLE link. Please note that long hip-length tops are not part of our wholesale line.
Only the fabrics listed below are available for wholesale orders. To see how different styles look in these colors, you can visit the Shop By Color page.
Fabrics Available For Wholesale Orders
NEW! Mosaic
NEW! Maui
NEW! Cabana Stripe
NEW! Brushstroke
NEW! Leopard
NEW! Batik
NEW! Candy Stripe
NEW! Tango
Gilded Grape
Purple Haze
Royal Cabana
Neon Orange Curls
Royal Floral
Rothko: Cotton/Lycra
Blue Vines
Yellow Polka Dot
Red Dot
Black+ White Stripe
Black Dot
Disco Ball
Burgundy Matte Nylon
White Matte Nylon
Nude Matte Nylon
Brown Matte Nylon
Grey Matte Nylon
Black Matte Nylon
Mint Matte Nylon
Baby Blue Matte Nylon
Coral Matte Nylon
Pink Matte Nylon
Pale Turq Matte Nylon
Red Matte Nylon
Yellow Matte Nylon
Lavender NEW!
Brite Turq Matte Nylon
Spring Green NEW!
Orange Matte Nylon
Navy Matte Nylon
Royal Matte Nylon
Violet Matte Nylon
To set up your wholesale billing account, click the Add To Cart button at the left, and fill in the information on the order form that appears when you click Checkout. Your order can be sent to us via a regular email.