DISCO BALL PRINT : Nylon/Spandex embossed with silver dots. All tops are lined; no pads, cups, or wires. Bottoms have crotch lining.
Style PT5DB
Keyhole Halter hooks in back, has boning in sides. Fits A-C cups.
S-M-L-XL / $46
Style PB36DB
Low-rise booty shorts. Approx 1.5" inseam.
S-M-L-XL / $42
Style PT51DB
Tie-back ballet top. Straps form
an X in back.
S-M-L-XL / $42
Style PB2DB
Brazilian bottom.
Mouseover for back view.
S-M-L-XL / $38
Style PT1DB
Triangle top ties at neck and in back.
S-M-L-XL: $34
D and DD Cups: $38
This fabric has a black
background embossed with a silver hologram finish that
reflects all the colors of the
rainbow when exposed
to sunlight.